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Lirik Lagu Marigold - Addicted

Lirik Lagu "Addicted" ini dipopulerkan oleh "Marigold".

Artis: Marigold
Judul: Addicted
Album: Single
Distribusi: Marigold Music

Lirik Lagu Marigold - Addicted

It's been a couple months and i still feel the same
I’ve been contemplating about who i should've blame
This thoughts in my head keep me awake i don't Know how long
it’d take to put myself to rest, I think i might have gone insane

Believe me when i told you this
This ain't easy
You don't know how many times i wished
To be free from this seat where i could only watch myself slowly
drown into the ecstasy
Throw myself out of me

How i wish, how i wish i could turn back time
To stop something that should not be done
How i wish, how i wish i could change it all
And start it all again

How easy it is to give in to temptation
I stumbled on pleasure and so it begins
How simple it was to let myself go
Took some times to finaly realize
That I'm addicted

Addiction, addiction, turn me into fiction
Couldn't see where i belong, i don't have no vision
Sanction, for me who can't escape the tension
I don't need attention share me some detention

What am i talking about it was me all along
Who give in to fear, feels so right yet it’s wrong
All this excuses from inside my counscious the truth is
I don’t even wanna talk about this

Everbody is an addict
Trying all their best to get out of it
People they'd be trying
Just to feel something
Until they stop believing

Lagu yang berjudul "Addicted" ini merupakan judul lagu yang dibawakan oleh Marigold dan lagu ini masih berupa sebuah single terbaru yang dirilis dan didistribusikan oleh label Marigold Music pada 25 Januari 2019.

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