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Lirik Lagu Tuan Tigabelas - Kane Abis

Lirik Lagu "Kane Abis" ini dipopulerkan oleh "Tuan Tigabelas".

Artis: Tuan Tigabelas
Judul: Kane Abis
Album: Single
Distribusi: Tuan Tigabelas

Lirik Lagu Tuan Tigabelas - Kane Abis

When i wake up in the morning yoo
God give me everything i need what should i worry, so i
Live my life try to take it slow
Workin with the microphone hustlin on the show
Check a check the mic
Till i know its right
Giving sumthin to my people trough my music
Every day and nite
One day you realize
Why i do this analyze
People show me love
So i gotta do this and survive
I got no time for the bad vibes its make me sick
My momma told me that one day im gonna goin big
Turn up the music
Let me spit it
Can u get it?
Rap game yeah i lift it
Dont give a fuck
Haters gon be hate it

You know im chillin with the phono socialist
Enjoy the good life, feelin so kane abis
All i need is just a good time to reminisce
When i close my eyes im gonna fly feel the inner bliss

Dear lord,its your boy speakin
Lotta shit on my mind
Lately i was thinkin
What im gonna be if i was just busy searchin
Without concern all the impact i'll be damn
I became
Piece of shit
Doin everything for fame
No no
I dont wanna be that kind of man
I just wanna feel,what its like upon the hill
Of happiness and chill
Imma being me and keep it real

I just wanna be my self
I just wanna be my self
I just wanna be my self
I just wanna be my self

Lagu yang berjudul "Kane Abis" ini merupakan judul lagu yang dibawakan oleh Tuan Tigabelas dan lagu ini masih berupa sebuah single terbaru yang dirilis dan didistribusikan oleh label Tuan Tigabelas pada 30 Agustus 2019.

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